The Beginning: Our Healing and a New Mission

October 13, 2019
Category: Regenerative Business, Regenerative Faith

Our new journey started officially a couple years ago when Steve was healed from a heart issue. This heart issue had caused him severe anxiety and panic attacks that were keeping him from living the life he wanted to live. He was at the end of his rope and was just spending a ton of time praying and seeking God and really just crying out to him. God told him that he was going to heal him. He had to wait a couple of weeks before God did (and trust Him through that time). One day he was praying and all of a sudden he felt warmth spread over his body and he knew he was healed. And God also let him know that not giving control to God was manifesting itself in a physical ailment. Steve’s newfound trust in God not only healed him physically but also spiritually and emotionally. I received a new husband on that day – a man on the path to whole person renewal. I saw him start to heal from his anger, stress and anxiety.

At that same time, I started to heal in different ways than Steve, but healing just the same. Over the last 8 years the stress of Steve finishing his doctorate degree, running a business, having a baby and having post-partum depression while still running a business, buying a house, starting to with my spouse in our business and plenty of other things was almost all-consuming. We weren’t in the best place with God or with each other. I am not sure when it happened but we both came to realize that if we continue on this path it won’t end well. Long story short, we ended up working hard on finding balance in our lives. We stopped working in the evenings (and weekends and any spare moments). I started trying to focus on becoming healthier physically and emotionally (which moved into spiritually). There wasn’t an exact time when all of this just “came together” but we were moving in a better direction.

This has been quite a long road but looking back I am seeing the amazing baby steps that God has been guiding us through to get us to a place where we can take this new journey with church. We had to learn quite a few things:

  • How to trust that God is good and he truly has our best in mind.
  • How to have balance in our lives and move away from the trendy “hussle” methodology
  • Learning to understand what the Kingdom of God actually means
  • Digging really deeply in our understanding of the overarching story of the Bible and who God truly is
  • Seeking what it means to follow Jesus in our business and how that goes against what we have been taught for so long (both from culture and the church)
  • What we want to be teaching and nurturing in our daughter as far as her understanding of who God is and what our role in this world is.

For now, we are still in the seeking phase of what God has for us.  We can see by looking at all of the many steps that all of it is working towards something new and exciting and “outside the box” which is where Steve and I live most of our lives :-).


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