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January 24, 2018
Category: Regenerative Health

I mentioned in my bio that the last few years have been pretty stressful. The first couple years after having our daughter, I went through a pretty rough time with post-partum depression. Basically I was in survival mode for a few years. So having routines, exercising, eating well and all of that important stuff was not on my list of top priorities. Even before that, running a business had consumed my life. I was so determined to make them successful that I was a work-a-holic and just never turned off. If I was at home in the evening, I was working. Even when I was away from work, I was always thinking about work. So, this was my life for over 10 years.

In the past, I have felt like exercise was a chore and just thought about short-term weight loss over creating a healthy lifestyle. I have always been a pretty healthy eater, but the last few years I have been eating more processed food and “quick” snacks and meals that ended up not being that healthy. Steve is an amazing cook and has always kept us eating healthy, real food. But snacks and lunches were a struggle. I either wouldn’t eat lunch or just grab something fast. Not the best for my health.

Last year was a great year. Our businesses both did really great. Over the last few months I felt like I was able to start having balance in my life. I decided to make my health a priority. But I also decided to do it differently than I have in the past. I wanted to make real-life adjustments that I could implement for the rest of my life. I wanted to change my mentality for the long-term rather than doing a “lose weight quick” scheme.

I began to realize that I had an unhealthy view of exercise. I would be so consumed by the idea of losing weight that that’s the only reason I exercised. I would go on spurts and then it wouldn’t last long because I wouldn’t see fast results. I would just say, “there’s no use, I’ll just stop”. About 2 years ago I realized the error of my ways and started exercising purely for enjoyment. I have always loved hiking and especially taking our daughter on hikes. Those exercising times were still not very consistent but I ended up exercising because I loved it rather than some ulterior motive.

During Christmas Vacation (we always take Christmas to New Years off in our companies), I was spending a ton of time researching health and trying to establish some routines. I found this yoga course that I subscribed to. It was a 21 day course that I paid $40 that I can repeat anytime I want, with some birthday money. This turned out to be a huge step in my health routine! I have basically done yoga every day since Christmas. I have not exercised that consistently in a long time.

I am also trying to get on the treadmill consistently too…I will let you know how my habit-forming goes for that! I did get on the treadmill last night for 25 minutes. That’s a start at least!

Stay tuned for the routines, food and health products that I have begun in my health journey.


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